• Question: How can I shed the bitterness and cruelty that my life has beaten into me before now? - eytancragg
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    I don’t know your situation and I’m not you and I kinda don’t do advice, because advice is presumptuous! Like there’s general living-life stuff, a lot of which turns out to be really profound but which when I was younger seemed like “shit people tell you just because it’s what they say.” For example: it’s in my nature to get up and start working on stuff. On whatever. Songs, books. Playing video games back when I played video games (I haven’t renounced them but I have lost interest so all I play now is those annoying Facebook games that when you see people’s status saying I JUST ACHIEVED LEVEL ELM IN FOREST SAGA! you judge them. I am he. I am the judged). But then I became a dad, and if me and my little dude are both awake and it’s seven and I see the daylight outside, rain or shine, I think…you need to not be conscripting little dude into your I-tend-to-stay-inside lifestyle, which is a learned behavior anyway. So we get outside. I haven’t run a spreadsheet on this but it feels like to me if I get a walk in with my little dude in the morning, the very worst the day has to offer thereafter pales in comparison to how I started the day, and on lousy days that can be really meaningful to me. Again, I’m not saying “whoever you are, whatever your situation, just take a walk!” That would make me an asshole, saying that. I’m saying “you asked for advice, but I don’t do advice, but I can tell you things I do and if they sound useful to you, they’re things you might try.” 

    Mornings when I put off opening the laptop for several hours almost invariably result in better days for me than the ones (usually on the road) when I wake up and PLUG INTO THE FUCKIN MATRIX HERE WE GO and then irritate myself with news of all the terrible people doing and saying terrible things that I can’t do a damn thing about anyway. Do I stay engaged enough with the news cycle to know about what’s going on? Of course; I care. Do I have to know every last hateful thing about all the hateful people? No, of course not - I don’t need all that stuff inside me. I only need to know enough to figure out what positive change I might be able to help effect. 

    Again, this isn’t advice. I’m not qualified to give advice. (If I write good songs that help people, that’s rad, but it no more qualifies me to give advice than a good carpenter’s table qualifies him to tell me how to deal with anger.) I’m just reporting what works for me: keep an umbilical connection to the outside world - trees, light, solid ground; avoid obsessive behavior; seek the delightful, shun the hateful. My son taught me this last one. He is a philosopher. 

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How cool is it for a Y-year old to be wearing a Nirvana t-shirt in year X?

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This week’s #TBT is a Coach sweater inspired by NASA’s Apollo space program and, as stylecaster pointed out, by Danny Torrance in Kubrick’s the Shining. In case you don’t want to dress like an possessed kid in a horror movie, there’s a matching scarf that is a more subtle nod to both space exploration and psychological thrillers.


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Programming note: The Tumblr formerly known as “South 12th” is being migrated to Pinterest, where it will now consist primarily of photos of domestic items found on Craigslist, spray-painted, and used for displaying plants, curios and liquor bottles in South Minneapolis apartments. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

(I totally nailed this, though, right?)

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They Might Be Giants! Free! Live! Album!


A cover of great cover art. One family’s journey to TMBG, a promo for the free live album! Yay!

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Heckuva deal at Baker’s Wife.

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FRIDAY, MAY 16 and SATURDAY, MAY 17, 2014
FREE ADMISSION - Facebook Event

Come celebrate Art-a-Whirl 2014 with Indeed Brewing Company! Northeast’s famed annual art celebration continues in its 19th year and we are joining the festivities with live music, art, beer and food at our 2-day long celebration. With the release of L.S.D. Honey Ale, we’re expanding our taproom outside with a tent and additional seating and taps. Get here early and stay late and enjoy all that is great about Northeast!


A kaleidoscopic combination of Lavender, Sunflower Honey, and Dates set the stage for a mind-bending beer experience as delicate floral aromas dance atop rich notes of fruit, and honey. Conceived by our head brewer, Josh Bischoff, LSD was originally produced by the Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery where it received a medal at the Great American Beer Festival in 2011. (7.2 ABV, 20 IBU)


Available All Day: 
 • Shenanigans Summer Ale 
 • Day Tripper Pale Ale 
 • Midnight Ryder American Black Ale 
 • L.S.D. Honey Ale

Rotating Special Releases: 
 • Let it Ride IPA 
 • Mojito Shenanigans 
 • Mexican Honey 
 • Rum King

Plus: Special Casks (while supplies last)


Friday, May 16: Hot Indian • Simply Steve’s
Saturday, May 17: Gastrotruck • Natedogs • Vellee Deli
*** 750 ML Bottles of L.S.D. will be available ***


Friday, May 16:
6:00pm • Whatever Forever
6:50pm • France Camp
8:00pm • The Chambermaids

Saturday, May 17:
12:15pm • Whiskey Jeff & the Beer Back Band
1:20pm • Peter Lang
2:25pm • The Dirt Road Ramblers
3:30pm • Silverback Colony
4:35pm • Little Man
5:40pm • The Last Revel
6:45pm • Southside Desire
8:00pm • The Black Eyed Snakes

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